Michelle is a natural in communication and persuasion. She is very effective in working with teens and adults. Michelle puts her heart into her training, leads with a healthy dose of vulnerability, and makes every situation FUN while still committed to results. She’s one of a kind — a gem for any audience
— Tom Richards, COO, Bob Pike Group
“Commitment, innovation, and relevance are three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Michelle. Michelle has a keen understanding regarding the needs of her students, especially as it relates to curriculum design and student engagement. Her willingness to adapt to maintain high influence is impressive, all the while delivering an uncompromising message. I invite you to get to know Michelle. Her vision and expertise will help inspire you!
— Marius Massie
Michelle Livingston is a highly confident speaker that tells her message with joy and accuracy. She is full of passion with a level of sincerity that draws the listener to her stories. Michelle is someone that understands how to use the energy in the room with a great awareness of her target audience. Great speakers to me exude a level of sincerity in their emotions, and she communicates to her audience in a powerful, sincere yet caring manner that both challenges and inspires. I enjoy how she finds a way to offer the listener a rich response to the words of Jesus, free of cant and religious jargon. I highly recommend her voice and message that moves people toward excitement and progress-forwardness.
— Pastor Benjamin Vazquez, CEO of Urban Mission Chicago
Michelle volunteered to speak at my school. She took the time to speak with me about what I was looking for and then created an engaging and inspirational message for my students on how to overcome the obstacles in their lives. Michelle has a natural warmth and ability to connect with her audiences. My students and I loved her dynamic activity!!
— Kim Cook, Coordinator and School Counselor of the Patrick Henry Achievement Program at Patrick Henry High School