Have you ever stopped to look into the faces of the people you see around you? At the airport, restaurant, gym, movie theater. If you pause for a moment and take some time to look it’s not hard to see that something is wrong. Faces are downcast, lost, bitter, hopeless, settling, bored. Everywhere we look we see people struggling to be happy and to live life to the fullest. Many times this is because they don’t know who they are and what they are capable of. Every person was created on purpose and for purpose. Michelle speaks to hundreds of people each year challenging and encouraging them to be who they were called to be and to live that out in their daily lives. This message transcends all age groups and impacts both the young and old alike. Michelle’s transparent, vulnerable, passionate approach is felt in the hearts of her audiences and inspires and motivates them to reach for their potential.  

In addition to speaking to a variety of audiences, Michelle also offers biblical counseling to individuals who are seeking to heal and grow by applying the Word of God to whatever struggles they are facing.

Below you will find a description of the speaking platforms she offers along with more information on her biblical counseling services.  


Believe it or not, Michelle’s favorite people on the planet are teenagers.  Why? Because they are real, hilarious, fun, challenging, vulnerable and can see right through you. Michelle’s unique communication style of being real and transparent captures the attention and hearts of young people no matter what the setting. 


Michelle’s experience in working with at-risk teens lends priceless wisdom in how to reach and impact the youth of this generation.  She is passionate about empowering youth workers to be effective in their professions without burning out, all the while making a difference in a young person’s life. 


A mother of 3, a stepmother to 1, and a mentor to many, there isn’t much that Michelle has not seen when it comes to young people.  But still, parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and each child is so uniquely different that just when you think you’ve figured it out, a curveball comes your way.  If you are a parent who feels like they are failing at times or if you are struggling to love your unruly teenager, Michelle has a word for you.


Married, single, divorced, single mom, blended family,  all of which have contributed to Michelle learning valuable lessons on how to stay strong and find joy in the middle of unforeseen circumstances in life.  Through her trials and her victories, Michelle’s push to grow and allow all things to work for her good will motivate and inspire women to find purpose in every season they find themselves in.


Nothing beats the Word of God when it comes to dealing with life's issues and sometimes we forget that. Michelle thrives in one to one settings where she can help people apply the Word of God to whatever struggles they are facing.